Bucket List Worthy Festivals To Attend

Explore a world of unforgettable experiences with these festivals.

Lake Of Stars

Pretorians love a good party. So we are going to take a look at some experiences to add to your bucket list.

These experience are a must-attend. Not only are they unique and authentic, but you’ll get to see some amazing international and local artists perform. You’ll also meet new people and have an experience to remember forever.

Cape Town International Jazz Festival

The Cape Town International Jazz festival brings the whole country together, all for the love of music and art.

The event is an opportunity to witness international and local talent. There are tons of up-and-coming artists as well as masters of their trade.

A big part of the experience is exploring all the different cuisines on offer. This is a must for anyone who loves music and good food.

Lake Of Stars

Lake Of Stars Festival

The Lake Of Stars is home to some of the best new contemporary artists from Africa. This three day festival brings you diversity, creativity and a lively atmosphere. Expect to be amazed by a carefully curated lineup of music, talks, poetry, theatre, film and so much more.

Bringing people from all regions together, this one is definitely for the bucket list.


If you are looking for an event filled with artistry and music, this is the event. Afrikaburn will take you on a journey outside of the rush of the city, where you can get back in touch with nature.

So pack away your gadgets and enjoy the creation, art, music and performances surrounded by the rustic mountains.

Is there an event we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!