No Brakes Shoes Say It All

Sometimes it takes a Hollander’s can-do attitude to make something really local and lekker. In an unlikely and hugely cosmopolitan bit of entrepreneurial activity, Sandra van Oostenbrugge’s colourful No Brakes vellies are causing a stir across Gauteng.

No Brakes Shoes

With an eye for foxy fashion, Van Oostenbrugge was already a market stallholder with her No Brakes Kidswear when she turned her attention to footwear.

Imagining a far more funky statement being made by the thousands of feet shuffling by every day, Sandra got on her bike and pulled a Chinese shoemaker operating from a local township into the mix. Trading on the social upliftment ethos she first pursued in using local seamstresses from the township to put together the No Brakes kids’ clothing range, she kept the shoes running as a locally empowering project too. The result? Truly bliksem vellies that even have African politicians contemplating branded party-political footwear.

It was actually a colleague, Evan, who saw a coworker wearing the vellies for the first time and said, “Bef#*te tekkies bra!”  We forgive his brash fashion observations, but he wasn’t wrong. Not only did the Hollander get rather finicky about quality manufacturing, snugness and fit, but the durable shoes she’s making are also in your face in terms of colours and patterns.

No Brakes Shoes

Apart from vellies, Van Oostenbrugge makes laser-cut sandals and sexy open ladies’ shoes too. An assortment of new styles enters the range as and when a concept grabs her, and the next items will include awesome cloth shoes and funky ladies’ boots with a variety of patterns and print.

The current range includes really gatskop, traditional vellies for bundu bashers, as well as the fashionable suede colour vellies. Her women’s shoes make just the right statement by day or night, and the ankle boots are perennial for going anywhere, anytime. The durable sandals and on-point vellies are all extremely versatile and the range is grabbing Gautengers across colour and gender lines.

No Brakes ShoesIf you’re a Bulls fan, now you know what to get yourself for Christmas. If you’re the wife of a Bulls fan, now you know what to get him for Christmas. If you’re the husband of a Bulls fan, now you know what to get her for Christmas. See? All done!

No Brakes Shoes

Soon to become standard footwear at Loftus no doubt, the Blue Bulls vellies have already seen the equivalent of a 1980s Russian blue jeans riot with some smug fans entering the stadium with spog blou vellies, only to walk home in their socks! No need to be mugging your fellows, however, as the shoes are available via mail order and turnaround times are quick enough.

There’s currently no one retail space where the shoes can be viewed, so No Brakes Shoes are strictly mail order right now. It’s also strictly cash upfront! Rest assured, however, that Van Oostenbrugge goes to great lengths to deliver, applying the same attention to detail as she does in the making of the shoes, so it’s all good.

For ware zef or ware styl, or both, No Brakes Shoes have both bespoke and street-gear in the range. Still a popular secret, you saw them here first! Vellies average around R650 a pair, but for the houding and overall nca! of these shoes, that’s minimal.

For orders and pricing contact Sandra van Oostenbrugge 079 096 7998
[email protected]