A Thousand Words In A Picture With Oomchenge

Check out why Oomchenge is a must-visit.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and this holds true with daily storytelling through visual art. Platforms, like Instagram, has revived the visual arts.

Visual art has become one of the most marketable forms of art and expression in the country. Stories shine through the lens and grab your attention.


The Raw Look In A Frame

Oomchenge in an agency that has gone back to the raw culture of photography, cinematography and visual arts. They speak to you as an individual, telling your stories.

Located in one of the most vibrant areas of Johannesburg, this agency is surrounded by creative and inspiring individuals.Oomchenge

Visually Inspired


Oomchenge is all about innovation and unique ideas. They capture every frame, making a moment of it. They take their photography very seriously.


Videos have become the best way to get a story across. With video promotions growing in the digital and online platforms, many brands and corporate companies are getting on the wagon and calling for Oomchenge to lead their way.


Digital Advertising

We live in the age of digital advertising. It is about capturing the moment and Oomchenge prides themselves on their  presentations that leave a long-lasting image in your mind.

You can check out more of their art on Instagram.