Ribs & Burgers In Menlyn Maine Is Awesome

Australian barbecue bosses Ribs & Burgers are headed to South Africa, and we scored the insider info just for you.


Australia and South Africa have many similarities, especially when it comes to the kitchen. We are both brought up on a solid supply of good old red meat. It’s on this note that South African expat, and founder of Australia’s Ribs & Burgers restaurant chain, Bradley Michaels thought it a good idea to bring his restaurant to local shores. In 2015 Ribs & Burgers expanded to America, UK and Dubai. Now it’s our turn to dig in to these so called “ribs and burgers from heaven.”

With 16 locations in Australia and 15 internationally, Ribs & Burgers opened its first branch in Menlyn Maine during September 2016. South Africans have been digging into a barbie instead of a braai – what the difference is we don’t know – as Ribs & Burgers unveiled its trendy, fresh, quick and casual menu. We’re excited to see the chain still doing well – and they’ve opened a branch in Sandton now, we see.

According to Ribs & Burgers, its interior is driven by an open style kitchen emphasising the theatre of food preparation and the deliverance of hearty gourmet food to its customer. The crafted detailing of the interior, eclectic elements sourced globally and new creative ideas are fused together with substantial brand messaging, engaging the customer to indulge in a new casual dining experience. The design includes custom wooden boards, classic typography, a fresh contemporary combination of tiles and marble, with light and airy colouring inspired by the brand, which creates a fresh spin on the traditional darkly lit meat restaurants we have grown accustomed to.

Writing this has made us hungry and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into this stuff.

By Shawn Greyling

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