Room Service Delivers

Our hometown of P-town isn’t far behind in that booming online shopping and ordering skirmish that seemed to take hold in our lifetime. Please, make way for the new kid on the block. It promises to make local shopping and ordering a whole lot more pleasant and easy by bringing business to small and native brick and mortars, and delivering it all to the comfort of your own dwelling.

Room Service is a new community online store in Pretoria, providing the service of shopping for anything from groceries or basic household items to restaurant take-aways. Then, having it delivered righ to your doorstep. They feature an immense selection of food products, hardware, basic pharma, pet products, and take-out options. The website or online store is laid out as a domicile with different rooms to the house. Clicking on a room will open the relative available products according to the varied needs of the shopper. As always, all products can then simply be added to a “sakkie” and checked out to ultimately be delivered to an address for a fee of only R12. The online store is exceedingly well-designed and remarkably user-friendly on top of being aesthetically satisfying.

This web-based delivery service is the brainchild of Lohan Van Dyk, a Pretoria-based entrepreneur and influencer. His main aim was to create a domestic delivery service which not only made grocery shopping and product ordering simpler, but also brings steady development to the native community by providing business to the smaller independent ventures and the local mom-and-pop stores. They have made partnerships with local recognized vendors such as Super Spar Menlo Park, Lucky Rodrigo, Varsity Bakery, Lucha Libre Mexican, Af Die Plaas (Farmstore), Hong Kong Chinese & Sushi Takeaway, and The Liquor Store, amongst others.

Room Service has aspirations of gradually expanding their operations in the coming times. The delivery service is currently geo-bound to specific areas in Pretoria, but will soon start the undertaking of massively inflate their activities to further service the capital city’s urban life, rural areas, and neighboring farming town communities. At the moment, Room Service delivers to Hazelwood, Brooklyn, Menlopark, Waterkloof, Lynnwood, Hatfield, and Menlyn. The webstore and delivery venture was launched late last year, and has sturdy plans to also release a corresponding app in the near future. The website and online store has reportedly already been setup to integrate a phone-based app to further simplify the ordering and delivery process.

If you live or work in one of the aforementioned areas, rejoice. You have access to over five-hundred locally supplied products all due to this community-bound food and convenience delivery service. Be sure to visit the Room Serivce Facebook page as they regularly run competitions and giveaways to free featured products. Let’s help the good guys support the small guys, guys.