Don’t Park Your Fitness, Parkrun In Pretoria

Explore the city and its scenic views while getting fit with Parkrun in Pretoria.

An Exciting Challenge 

Starting a new exercise regime can be tough. Even if you are mentally prepared, staying motivated can prove challenging. If you lack the motivation and resolve to excercise alone, we have the perfect solution – Parkrun.

With this innovative approach to exercise, you can start your fitness journey side by side with like minded people. And the best part? It won’t cost you a thing.

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What Is Parkrun?

Parkrun South Africa is a community of health conscious people and fitness fanatics. This free and motivating movement encourages people from all walks of life to put on their running shoes and get fit.

Parkrun organises 5km runs at various parks throughout Pretoria, this offers not only safety, but the benefit of working out with like minded individuals, too. Members can choose to walk, jog or challenge themselves with a high intensity run.

Who Can Join?

Parkrun is a great space for anyone who wants to join, whether you are a walker, jogger or runner. Anyone from beginners to Comrades winners are welcome to take part in Parkrun.

Where Is Parkrun?

You can find Parkrun in different areas of Pretoria, including:

  • Pretoria Botanical Gardens
  • Voortrekker Monument
  • Hazeldean Farm
  • Hillside

When Is Parkrun?

Parkrun in on every Saturday morning at 08:00. Every weekend is a great time to run, jog or walk while exploring the fantastic scenery Pretoria has to offer.

Why Join Parkrun?

  • It’s a lot of fun
  • It’s free!
  • It’s safe
  • It’s great exercise
  • You get the chance to explore the city
  • You get motivation from fellow runners
Photo by David Papenfus

How To Join?

If you are ready to get moving and join Parkrun, click here.

Parkrun is sponsored by Discovery, meaning members of Discovery can earn Vitality points with every Parkrun they join.

Are you a member of Parkrun? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!