Rise To The Occasion This Christmas With SA Baking Supplies

Don't let the stress of baking for the whole family get you down this Christmas. Visit SA Baking Supplies in Centurion for all your basics, as well as some nifty decorating tools. It's sure to be a sweet success!

SA Baking Supplies

Baking over Christmas can be a joyful, rewarding experience. Especially if done with the partnership of tiny hands and inquisitive minds. But, sometimes the cost and time involved in baking up a storm over the holidays can outweigh the benefits. If you are looking for affordable ingredients, tools and decorations for your sweet Christmas feast, then visit Pretoria’s favourite wholesale supply store for baking goods, SA Baking Supplies! Located in Lyttelton and Centurion Lifestyle Centre, they stock everything you need under one roof. From baking ingredients, to easy bake pre-mixes, decorations, sweets, custom icing sugar prints, state of the art utensils and cleaning supplies. Offering you only the best in baking, this store is a must-visit on our list for Christmas 2019.

Here’s what you can find at SA Baking Supplies to make your holiday baking run a whole lot smoother this year:


SA Baking Supplies offers their customers a wide array of basic baking ingredients, perfect to whip up your favourite Christmas puddings, cakes and biscuits. Buy all your ingredients in bulk for less and bake up a storm! Get your cocoa, coconut, baking powder, eggs, flour, gelatine, bran, raisins, cherries, spices, honey and Supa Bake Margarine here.

SA Baking Supplies also understand that you would rather be spending time with your family than slaving over a mixer. That’s why they supply cake and muffin mixes to make your holiday baking a breeze. Pick up a variety of sponge mixes, including classic vanilla, chocolate and red velvet. There is also a delightful Royalty Sponge cake mix, as well as frozen cupcake and muffin mixes. If you are all about following the footsteps of great bakers, then pick up your favourite Ina Paarman mix here too.

Want to create something a little more special this Christmas? SA Baking Supplies offers pre-mixes for German Cheese Mousse, Milktart, Doughnuts and Melting Moments. Your family will never know the difference, so head out to their stores as soon as you can!

sa baking supplies


Master bakers haven’t been forgotten. SA Baking Supplies has everything you need to create your very own fondant masterpieces, stocking gum paste, gel colourings, icing, Baker’s Delight cream, vermicelli and pearlfetti. Plus, they have all the tools needed to work your magic with these tricky decorations. So, whether you are baking a traditional fondant Christmas cake or recreating the nativity on top of a perfectly piped cake, SA Baking Supplies has all the right stuff.

Baking for the whole family is a mammoth task. That’s why SA Baking Supplies offers an assortment of baking trays to purchase or hire. Specialised brownie, fudge and rusk pans will help you bring those old family recipes back to life. Ouma would be so proud!

Finally, there is a collection of miscellaneous treasures to be found at this store. From ready to eat cookies, sweets and rusks, to dried fruit mix and cupcake holders, your Christmas is well on track to go down as the party of the year. Visit SA Baking Supplies as soon as you can to get your hands on the very best products.

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