SDI FORCE Launched To Assist The Vulnerable

SDI (Supplier Development Initiatives) is an existing services-on-demand platform that uplifts micro suppliers across multiple industries.

How Do They Plan To Help?

Faced with what our President has described as “a medical emergency far graver than what we have experienced in the last 100 years”, SDI realised that it is micro suppliers who could play a much-needed role in ensuring the delivery of a multitude of critical services that would be required in ensuring that we win this war against the virus, from both a medical and socio-economic perspective.

It is with this in mind that SDI has put together a team of experts, who will operate under the banner of SDI FORCE, to ensure that this network of micro suppliers will ultimately allow us access to up to 50 000 activators on the ground, that are experienced at working with technology, are able to play a much-needed role during these trying and difficult times” explains Andile Ramaphosa, SDI Co-Founder.

Contributing To A Greater Community

Whilst SDI FORCE was initially set up to focus on assisting the homeless in and around Johannesburg during the lockdown period, by providing logistical support and food-packs, sanitisers and other essentials, it soon became apparent that they could, in fact – by virtue of their access to the relationships they have with micro suppliers and other top platforms, like Loadit, Tradeway, Sweepsouth and Aweh Africa – do so much more.

The value they have has been recognised in these micro suppliers and has not gone unnoticed by government. They have now partnered with the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), the Department of Social Development and the City of Joburg in collaboration with the Gauteng MEC, Panyaza Lesufi.

Helping Those In Need During The Lockdown

The scope and focus of SDI FORCE has now broadened to include the elderly and other groups of people with a view to assist in meeting their needs on a national basis during this lockdown period and beyond. This is a massive challenge for the organisation, but they are reaching the goal one step at a time, with your help.

SDI FORCE urges that when we do overcome this crisis, we must accept the simple reality that we must do more, care more and never forget that we are all one nation. If ever there was a time for us to stick together and to help others out, it is now! It is not a time to be inactive. While the virus has brought about significant physical constraints, it must not be allowed to constrain our humanity, too.

We are in uncertain times, and everyone is anxious,” explains Brad Fisher, ADreach Managing Director and Co-founder of SDI. “But as much as it’s difficult to be quarantined in our homes, things are far worse for those whose livelihoods are already compromised. Waste collectors, robot traders and car guards play an integral role in our society, and this lockdown is going to completely cut them off from their everyday source of income. We need to assist them. If we don’t, they will not survive. It’s that simple.

How Can You Help?

For the moment, the main focus should be on the basics – like food and hygiene. SDI FORCE and the ADreach Group have partnered with Unity Values, who will be managing an auditable online fundraising initiative to purchase food and hygiene packs for those in need. All packs will be distributed daily throughout the national lockdown by government-approved distribution and logistics agents. Every R1 000 donated helps to feed a family for three weeks.

How To Donate:

The ADreach Group (Investor and stakeholder in SDI) has already pledged R50 000, and is now challenging other companies and appealing to the public to make further donations to this worthy cause. To make your contribution, please visit this website.

As the world deals with the devastating effects of COVID-19, we have to consider those South African citizens who may die from starvation, exposure and malnutrition. We can all play our part in helping our country through this pandemic, please support SDI FORCE – and spread the word.

For More Information

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