What South African Women Want In Cars

Let's face it, what women want in cars will never be the same as what the dudes are looking for. Sometimes car manufacturers skip a couple of design points that leave girls frustrated. To shine some light on this, we did our own "independent" survey to see what women want in cars.

The most popular of SUV’s, cross overs such as the Range Rover or Fortuna, are perfect for women. These have grown in popularity among the finer sex as the safety, sleek curves and space are key selling points.

Cars from Asian automakers tend to have styling that’s gentler and less aggressive than their American and European counterparts (such as Audi Vs Toyota).  A quick study on our side found that eight out of ten models sold to women are from Asian (predominantly Japanese) manufacturers.

We have stepped with both feet into a world where women are becoming the breadwinners in their families, giving them leverage in deciding what’s standing in the driveways of their homes… sorry, guys but there is a reason why women pay less for insurance.

These revelations were made in what is being called the first ever survey on women car buyers by a research firm called PremonAsia. The survey saw 3,945 women drivers between the age of 21-45 years interviewed across 28 cities during the first half of 2017.

We conducted our very own “survey” and picked the brains of the dames in our office to find out what revs their engine… so to speak.

By Shawn Greyling