Spend A Day Exploring Asher’s Farm Sanctuary

Found along a remote dirt road in Pretoria East, Asher's Farm Sanctuary offers rescue, rehabilitation and forever homes to injured and abandoned farm animals. At the sanctuary, visitors can get a free tour, meet the animals, visit the store and indulge in tasty vegan treats at the cafe. We spent a day out at the sanctuary, here's what we discovered.

Asher’s Farm Sanctuary 

Asher’s Farm Sanctuary is tucked away in an eerily quiet neighbourhood in Pretoria East. On this sunny day, we arrived for our tour of the farm a tad early. We decided to order a luscious hot chocolate topped with the most delicious whipped cream and a hazelnut latte crowned with melting vegan marshmallows as we waited for the tour to begin.

The tour, which runs from 10:00 – 11:00 and 11:30 – 12:30 on Saturdays and Sundays, is completely free. The hour-long tour starts with a special treat – a viewing of the farm’s vivacious pigs! There are currently three of them housed at the sanctuary, lovingly named Babe, Willow and Alfie. On the tour, we learnt all about their history and how they came to the sanctuary, their path to health and their current lives. All while watching the pigs playfully attack the poor ground keepers, demanding attention.


The tour then followed onto the rabbits and chickens, then to the majestic horses and the naughty goats. Next, we got to meet the stars of the show. The ladies and the lads are a group of affectionate-hungry donkeys, which include India, Juliet, Charlie, Delta, Tango, Bravo and Echo. After being rescued from cruel conditions, many of these equines prefer to stay away from human interaction, which the facility supports. However, some of the donkeys have a lot of love, affection and cuddles to offer. Just be careful, a few of them are quite drawn to handbags and may choose to take a bite or steal them.

The sanctuary is also home to a few cows and bulls. We had the honour of meeting their photogenic girl Grace, and their huge and beautiful boy, aptly named Mr T. We were also lucky enough to be afforded the opportunity to play with the cow’s flaps, the loose skin under their necks, and to get some soggy kisses. These once mistreated animals now live full and happy lives, thanks to all the hard work from the dedicated team at Asher’s.

Asher’s Corner Cafe 

After the tour of the farm, we decided to catch a bite to eat at their cafe. The menu is small but includes a range of coffees and milkshakes, burgers and hot dogs. We decided to try one of the Deluxe Shakes, the Crumbed Style Burger and the To Infinity & Beyond Burger, both served with a side salad and chips.

While waiting for our order, we browsed through the selection available at the onsite store. We found vegan biltong, chocolate and caramel sauces, Nature and Moi cheese, vegan ice cream, cool drinks, bags, vegan hot chocolate, vegan sweets, vegan chocolate, Asher’s Farm Sanctuary shirts and hoodies, black salt, jack fruit and so much more. Not only does the store cater to all vegan cravings, it also uses the proceeds to fund their sanctuary.

After making a few purchases and sponsoring a few of the farm’s fluff balls, we sat down for our meal. And it was simply one of the most satisfying meals we have ever had. The milkshake was thick and refreshing and the burgers generous and flavourful. The Crumbed Style Burger was a “chicken” schnitzel on a fresh bun with creamy and tangy sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion slices, cheese and grilled pickles. The Infinity & Beyond Burger, with a Beyond Meat patty, was glorious in size and taste. And for those who haven’t tried it yet, it looks and tastes exactly like real beef. But the highlight of the meal was the salt and pepper chips, which were golden and crisp on the outside and perfectly fluffy on the inside.



This was a wonderfully entertaining and informative day out, fulled with lively personalities, tasty food and lots of fur. We’ll definitely be back soon.

If you would like to help this sanctuary, you can volunteer, support their cafe and shop or sponsor an animal. You can also book a free tour here.

Contact them on 065 120 2664, email [email protected] or visit their website.

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

*Images sourced from Asher’s Farm Sanctuary’s Facebook page.