Subscription Box Fun For The Little Ones!

The longer the lockdown progresses, the fewer ideas we have to keep the little ones entertained. You’ve tried colouring books, movies, games and even some easy baking fun. But those only last so long. So, what now? Well, why not try these subscription boxes for kids?
kids being entertained by father helping her craft a orange paper boat
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You won’t believe how few and far between subscription boxes for kids are! But now that the lockdown regulations have eased slightly and we’re allowed to order goods online and have them delivered right to our door, here are a few subscriptions to try out with the little ones! Not only are they fun and exciting, but they’re also educational and promote development of many vital skills. Just make sure you sanitise your delivery before playing!

Moxie Kids Craft Box

Getting crafty is always a fun activity to do with the kids! And if you’re looking for some fresh crafty ideas, Moxie Kids Craft Box is just the subscription box you need! Not only are these craft boxes perfect to get your kids creative, but they’re also great for developing their fine motor skills!

Moxie Kids Craft Boxes are ideal for children aged between three and nine, and gives them four exciting crafts every month with a unique theme. It’s all about educational fun and family time. Ready for some out-of-the-box fun? Take your pick from a number of subscription options available. Simply sign up for month-to-month billing or select a pre-payment option. Want to give it a trial run first? Visit their ‘One Box Shop’ and purchase a once-off box to see what it’s all about. Plus, you’ll get FREE delivery right to your door!

Details: | 083 444 6081 | [email protected] | Facebook | Instagram

Wacky Box

For a box full of experiences, why not give the Woelwater Wacky Box a try? This is the perfect entertainment solution that offers loads of excitement for the kids along with some quality family time as moms and dads are encouraged to join in on the fun!

Subscribe and get a themed Wacky Box every month, filled with 14 to 16 educational activities, delivered to your door for free. You can also opt for the once-off Wacky Box option if you’re not ready to subscribe to a monthly subscription. The boxes cater to children in four different age groups: five to 12 months; one to two years; two to four years and four to six years. It’s homeschooling made easy! Also, if you sign up to their newsletter, you’ll receive a FREE daily lockdown activity for kids aged five months to nine years old.

Details: | [email protected] | 010 141 8242 | Facebook | Instagram

Charley’s Boxes

From unique gifting to fun for the little ones, Charley’s Boxes has just the thing! Catering to babies aged between zero to 18 months, Charley’s Boxes has searched far and wide to bring the best products for you and your child to enjoy! Each box is handpicked with necessities and must-haves that cover their three pillars: education; development; and fashion.

All you have to do is pick your desired age category (zero – three months; three – six months; six – 12 months; and 12 – 18 months) and the box will be filled with age and gender specific items to be delivered right to your door, for FREE. The cost for these beautifully packaged boxes starts from R359 per month*. As for shipping, boxes are shipped around the 25th of every month and can take up to five working days to arrive. Also, Charley’s Boxes offer unique gift boxes, snack boxes, baking boxes and more!

Details: | [email protected] | 082 778 7000 | Facebook | Instagram

Little Thinker

Looking for a subscription that offers something to keep your children’s minds active? Then why not consider the Little Thinker Box? These boxes provide parents with activity sets with milestone specific entertainment for babies and toddlers aged between three months and two years old. Each box focuses on fine motor skills, tactile stimulation, spatial awareness as well as cognitive development.

With their innovative activity flashcards, unique equipment, reading books and a milestone tracking chart, learning and play is simplified and fun for you and the kids.

Details: | [email protected] | 082 964 5641 | Facebook | Twitter