#Support Local: Restaurants Offering Post-Lockdown Voucher Specials

Do you remember a time before lockdown when people would go out to eat at restaurants? Help keep the local restaurant and hospitality industry alive by purchasing restaurant vouchers to use once lockdown has ended.

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Where To Buy Restaurant Vouchers 

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, many restaurants have been left without a source of steady revenue. Even now, as many reopen their kitchens for home deliveries, the industry is in a dire state of affairs. However, many innovative campaigns have sprung up in reaction to these restaurants’ plight, offering their loyal diners the opportunity to buy vouchers to use once lockdown has reached a stage where in-house dining is allowed:

Rally For Your Bar & Restaurant With Stella Artois

Stella Artois is backing local pubs, bars and restaurants during these difficult times by launching the Rally For Your Bar & Restaurant campaign. Their mission is to keep these vulnerable entities afloat to ensure that when COVID-19 is eventually defeated, we will be able to get back to our favourite watering holes in the city.

Bars and restaurants are where we gather with friends and family. They’re where we celebrate milestones and make memories. They’re an important part of our lives, and right now, many face the prospect of closing their doors for good,” they write on their website.

To prevent this from happening, Stella Artois will contribute 50% of however much you spend on a restaurant or bar voucher to use in future. You can purchase a R100, R250 or R500 voucher to show your support, and if your favourite local hangout isn’t listed on their website, you can nominate them here. Here are just a few bars, restaurants and pubs already listed with the campaign:

To see the full list of bars and restaurants backed by Stella Artois, click here.



Restaurant reservation service, Dineplan has also stepped up to the plate to help restaurants in need during lockdown. Their voucher campaign, Voucherplan, allows you to purchase food and drink vouchers from a variety of restaurants. From fast food to fine dining, you can plan your post-lockdown dining plan all in one sitting. Food vouchers range between R200 – R3 000, and at least 50% of the proceeds for each restaurant will go towards staff relief funds. Vouchers are redeemable for three years.

New restaurants are being added to the Voucherplan platform each day, but here are our top picks for the time being:

Click here to see all restaurants listed on Voucherplan.


Say Siyabonga

Say Siyabonga is an online portal supporting restaurants, tourist venues, beauty spas and salons and a variety of other local businesses during lockdown. While we may not be able to travel between provinces currently, there is no harm in planning a much-needed road trip for when life returns to normal. With Say Siyabonga, you can purchase vouchers for dining out, holiday adventures, spa trips and even family photoshoots to use at a later date.

However, if your post-lockdown plans involve a simple trip around the city, check out this awesome coffee and biltong voucher from the Coffee Village. For only *R200, you get a choice of premium blend coffee served with either a wood-fired pizza, cheesy tramizzini or freshly sliced biltong!

Purchase your Coffee Village voucher here.


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Keep strong and we’ll see you out there soon, Pretoria.