The 012 Trading Card Game Is Here

Ag, what can you say when a concept that becomes a product that becomes a game, is also a very stylish collectable with an amazingly artistic finish? If that sounds too dramatic an intro for the new 012 trading card game (TCG), that’s because you haven’t seen the cards yet.

Illustrator and designer Brent Black of Spaza has created a diminutive artwork himself with the release of his entertainment industry gaming cards. Admirable in so many ways, what started out as a doodle turned into a bout of true city synergy circa December 2017. Black was looking at designing a bunch of cards featuring local players in arts and entertainment, as a sort of information, networking and publicity enhancer. This doodling soon turned into a stream of collaborative consciousness, and he realised that the idea struck a chord for many and had innate merit.

When awesome ideas like #012tcg get even better

The 012TCG is a game to be played among cardholders; it’s a deck of eminently collectable cards, much like baseball cards in the US, and also a means to enhance people’s knowledge and support of Pretoria’s performers. Launched at the recent African Beer Emporium on 19 October, that was the only place to get your cards, for now at least, immediately making them a rare item. The game is like Pokémon or even Magic, but playing figures are of people involved in the Pretoria music and entertainment scene.

012 trading cards

The artwork alone sets a palette and style likely to define a generation — that’s not an exaggeration — and the cards also have a smart gold foil at back, where you’ll find co-sponsor Jägermeister’s logo. On the cards, faces are beautifully rendered of not only homegrown Pretoria celebs but also of many people who never stand on that side of the camera. In a truly sexy stroke of egalitarianism, Black and his co-conspirators, who he first roused on social media, have included many hitherto unsung individuals. People who contribute so much to the Pretoria scene yet go largely unfêted for it, are also in the deck. Black’s original enquiry among friends saw the packs go from an initial 10 illustrations to a whopping 112, fleshed out by collective opinion on who should be featured.

Around 50 individual illustrators contributed to the pack’s array of worthy faces, and the cards have already caused a buzz on the local entertainment scene. So, a great idea that was truly acting local and generating such fun and goodwill, got even better. The cards are sold at cost price, as a measure of further gratitude to Pretoria, its people and performers. Packs cost only R35 for a blind pack of five.

Don’t miss out on #012TCG

You read it here first. This is unlikely to be a passing fad — these cards scream collectable! When you’re sobbing into your portfolio in a decade or two, don’t say we didn’t warn you. A rare artist, Black did over 100 print runs before finally being happy with the true, playing card feel to the pack. A wide variety of performing artists and other contributors appear on the cards, but no spoiler alert, sorry. Half the fun is seeing them for yourself the first time.

We await more details, perhaps as to an expanded range, but already some 47% of muggings in the Greater Pretoria area have become those targeting little old ladies, naively and openly displaying their 012TCGs. Just kidding. But you get the point. Get the cards. If you missed Bitcoin, here’s your chance. Get ’em!

You can chase a pack for yourself with #012tcg on Instagram, or in the Zuckerberg Monkey Cage. Happy playing and happy trading!