The All-new Adriaan Boshoff Museum

One not to be missed, the Adriaan Boshoff Museum is located in the grounds of the Francolin Conservancy. The museum was ceremoniously unveiled by Professor Alexander Duffey, head of department of the University of Pretoria Arts. Capably assisted by CEO Cobus du Plessis and Custodian Mari Dartnall at the time, the Adriaan Boshoff Museum is the latest shot in our cultural arm, and a boon for Pretoria art lovers.

The actual Adriaan Boshoff collection is curated by Marie Antoinette Odendaal, and is reliably estimated to be the single largest collection of his works in the world.

The Adriaan Boshoff Museum is Finally Open

There are 137 Boshoff paintings, alongside a further impressive display of around 500 artworks in total. A muse, a genius, or a reclusive maverick? However you admire Adriaan Boshoff the man, the museum named in his honour is nothing short of stunning. A true hall of art, the venues displays are enhanced by cooling fountains, floral motifs and geometric designs, all of which highlight the building’s architecture.
Alongside such copious artwork, the entire assembly of the Adriaan Boshoff Museum makes for a mood that is both grand and magical.

Other artists featured include William Timlin, Frans Oerder, Alexander Rose-Innes, Hugo Naude, Gregoire Boonzaier and Robert Gwelo Goodman.

Call Before You Knock

The treasured artworks are on permanent display but – alas – members of the public will have to book a visit, as there is no ambling through unannounced. That said, clever folks who want to do just that can access the Adriaan Boshoff Museum by dining at the sumptuous Restaurant Mosaic, run by Chef Chantel Dartnall. Alternatively, if you stay at The Orient overnight, you’ll also have a wonderful meander through the museum.

For the record, both experiences are well worth pursuing, and you’ll now have the bonus pleasure of an unhurried stroll though some great art after dinner or before bedtime if you’re dining or booked into The Orient. As a storehouse for the works of probably the single most acclaimed impressionist in South Africa, the Adriaan Boshoff Museum is aptly named. Assorted sculptures and ceramics are also on display at the museum, as well as the works of contemporaries like Conrad Theys, Hennie Niemann, and Lynn-Marie Eatwell.