The Best Places to Make Your Purchases for Albion Online Silver

There are many ways to earn Silver in Albion Online, killing mobs, dueling, finding a random drop from a chest, or going toe-to-toe against another player with a hefty amount of coin on the line.

However, if these multitude of ways don’t get you the required funds fast enough, there are various places you can visit to purchase the MMO currencies for real money. Using real cash to purchase virtual items can always be a bit of a gamble, with new users especially not necessarily knowing how to spot a legitimate site or seller from a bad actor. To help with this, here are some that we recommend:


Having completed hundreds of thousands of transactions in video game currency alone, including Albion Online Silver, Eldorado is one of, if not the best place to complete your cash-for-silver transactions.

Each seller has a transaction counter and feedback score, similar to sites like eBay and Amazon with their private sellers, so you can see the reputation of the person you’re doing business with.

Users also have other metrics displayed like delivery time so you know how fast your transaction will be completed, how much quantity they have in stock to sell, their minimum order quantity and their individual unit price.

Eldorado is also protected by Tradeshield, a service which means the site itself is responsible if a seller does not deliver goods on time or does not fulfill their selling obligation in some form. If there’s any kind of dispute, Eldorado will freeze the payment until the matter is sorted.

Security is a huge issue for people when it comes to these kinds of transactions, and Eldorado removes that stress from customers shoulders entirely.

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As well as serving as a marketplace to not just in-game currency transactions for titles like World of Warcraft, FIFA, and Runescape (as well as Albion Online of course), g2g also offers other services like in-game item trading, coaching, and skins.

Like a great deal of these sites, g2g shows standard metrics like delivery time, method and unit prices, but also allows you to get a better view of a seller by showcasing their tenure on the site, their rank on both the site overall and their seller rank (in this case “GAME COINS”).

Addressing the issue of security and peace of mind when making these kinds of transactions, g2g is protected by the service GamerProtect which g2g themselves describe as “…a combination of multiple state of the art systems developed and designed through a decade of anti-fraudulent measures…”.

This said, while g2g itself is a reputable and reliable service, frauds and scammers will forever plague legitimate sites, often attempting to use them as cover. While g2g offers protection over transactions, getting a refund can be a bit of a drawn-out process, and the site only offers on-site credit for refunds, so be forewarned.

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Player Auctions

Much like G2G, Player Auctions offers much more than in-game currency transactions, with buyers being able to acquire skins, accounts, and power levelling.

PA has the standard fare that allows you to vet the person you’re buying from, delivery times, user ratings, etc. but unlike other sites also advertises when volume discounts are active on specific sellers, simply meaning that if you buy in bulk, you’ll receive a discount.

An interesting addition to this site in particular is the online market tracker which basically acts as a kind of stock market for specific items. It allows buyers to have an overview of the asking price of items and how they’ve fluctuated over time, in this case the real-world value of silver in Albion Online.

Within this tracker, you can also view the highest individual sellers of items within the current month, stats on traders/trading, and it breaks down the economy elements of Albion Online for new players with a detailed explanation (found at the bottom of the market tracker page).

The site also offers tabs for searching for other items in Albion Online like tomes, as well as the aforementioned things like accounts.

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While not the most abundant in terms of options for AO, iGVault has been around for 14 years, has over 10,000+ professional sellers, has processed over 1.5M transactions, and has 4.6/5.0 stars from over 65,000 reviews and testimonials on-site.

A small but effective feature on the site is that you can toggle to only view sellers that are actually online, meaning your transaction can be completed as soon as possible by reaching out to people who are ready and waiting at their computers.

Again, like all these types of sites, you have your seller ratings, delivery speed, and the number of transactions that seller has completed. iGVault uses its own proprietary site security technology it calls “PlayerGuardian” so that it “keeps you, your payments, and your trades protected and private.” It also spells out its transaction process in stages and outlines its refund policy in full.

iGVault also has a coupon on the site that offers small discounts, similar to the volume discounts on other sites but without the caveat of needing a minimum order amount or being bound to specific sellers.

iGVault doesn’t have the widest group of sellers for Albion Online and isn’t as insightful on seller metrics and reputation, but the site itself has been around for many years for good reason.

Albion Mall

Albion Mail is another good site to use for in-game currency needs. The main difference between this site and the majority of others is that you’re buying from a registered company (being Albion Mail themselves) and not from individual private sellers.

AM has a number of positives to it; being a company means their transactions can be completed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if you get the urge to bag some coin at 4am, you’re covered. They have a fast delivery time (around 10 minutes) and provide a face-to-face delivery.

They also have a 24-hour support line if you have any issues, and a live chat feature on their site. Along with that, they have a 4.9/5.0 rating on Trustpilot from over 2300 reviews.

The only thing here however is that the site caters to pretty substantial spenders; the minimum purchase is 2000 K OA, and that currently is going for $2000. If your wallet is big enough, feel free to check the site out.

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