The Best Sushi In Pretoria

For many, a hearty fire crackling away becomes essential when dining out in winter. For many others, they’ll take their heating internally, preferably in the form of wallops of wasabe to dunk their sushi in. There is still a large contingent of South Africans who “don’t do sushi,” and our prayers are with you.

For the intelligentsia, if you really want to gauge Pretoria’s sushi offerings, it’s best to go quantitative. In other words, track down each and every sushi restaurant and make mental notes on what you find. Freshness is discernible, especially in the rice funnily enough, and you’ll soon realise that “freshly made” is something everyone says but not everyone delivers. With sushi, fresh means today, now, preferably made as you watch, from ingredients prepared today.

Many establishments have “added” sushi offerings as a logical extension of their mainstays, but don’t assume the worst. Even here, there are some quietly excellent sushi chefs lurking in the kitchen so, really, you owe it to yourself to try sushi wherever you can find it!

Check out this fairly substantial checklist of sushi venues around Pretoria and, for those who want to first establish baseline quality before sampling across the city, the following restaurants would be great starting points.


With a decidedly Japanese vibe, Matsuya is responsible for some bliksems lekker sushi befalling the Pretoria citizenry. A full-house offering straight from a genuine Japanese kitchen will beguile you, so feel free to take a cultural journey through more obscure Japanese dishes too. This restaurant has the pluck to serve it up as though you were in peri-urban Tokyo, unadulterated for our bleating Western palates so, really, make a meal of it.

A quiet vibe hovers over Matsuya, all the better to savour what’s in front of you. Chinese food is also doled out with aplomb, and it’s the kind of restaurant that will take a few visits to really be able to say you know the place.

Wok n Roll

Not purely Japanese, as they offer Chinese and Thai cuisine too, Wok n Roll is nonetheless adamant about sticking to the top tier no matter what style of food they’re serving. Spot the occasional Japanese businessman or family slurping soup? That’s always a dead giveaway when scouting for great sushi. Loved by Home Affairs for payments received from all those imported Asian chefs, this restaurant takes their offerings  seriously, and the food is typically very yummy overall. The sushi is no exception, and is first class.

Yamazaki Sushi Restaurant

With some pretty awesome online reviews, Yamakazi has made its mark on Pretorians, who frequently count it as one of the best restaurants for sushi. With above-average service and some honestly stunning cuisine, patrons occasionally quibble about whether the sushi is “westernised” enough. Heads up! This is a hallmark of great sushi abroad, like, outside of Japan. When locals start debating the more subtle nuances of the sushi, you must know it’s top drawer fare.

For the record, there seems nothing missing on their offering to local diners and, even if your favourite mock-sushi that you normally get from the Spar down the road isn’t on the menu, go Japanese man! A great restaurant to glean an international opinion on sushi, and no mistake.


This outfit takes a different approach and prides itself on what is best described as “fusion sushi.” Rather than stick to strict Japanese constructs, the pros at Koi have indeed adapted the best of sushi for the Western palate. Yep, most of us wouldn’t know the difference by just looking at a tray of perfectly presented yumminess, but in a nutshell it all means that their sushi is simply great. Asian cuisine at its best, if you don’t try the prawn nigiri dunked lime green with wasabi, may you be beaten with bamboo staves!

Sasaki Sushi

Although Google sometimes answers a Sasaki search as it being a Chinese restaurant with a page on Facebook, that’s probably more some techie’s inability to list or depict their offering correctly. The sushi here is rated absolutely tops by many Pretorians. Whatever nationality blur is at play here, hierdie mense by Sasaki are on the ball with their sushi. Proud of their sushi offering and justifiably so, first time diners would do well to try the sushi buffet for great value for money.

Kim Bo and Sushi

A Cantonese fusion house, they nonetheless also do each national offering of Chinese and Japanese food with the dedication demanded of the craft. Another Asian restaurant that strives to preserve the true flavour and intrinsic appeal of the national food, their sushi is awesome. Their overall menu makes it a great venue to mix and match. Kim Bo serve up some really excellent sushi. In fact it is unsual to not see Asian folk chewing away happily here.