The Bizarre Collaboration Involving Uber Eats, Wendy’s and Twitch

It often feels as though the further we move into the twenty-first century, the more common it is to see unlikely, confusing and downright bizarre collaborations springing up between companies that, until that point, seemed to have nothing to do with one another.
Photo by Batu Gezer on Unsplash

And, while spending an evening over a delicious takeaway and a stack of video games may well be what’s on most of our To Do lists as we head into the chilly depths of December, a collaboration between delivery service Uber Eats, fast-food magnate Wendy’s, and streamer platform Twitch is likely going to fall under the category, once again, of ‘collaborations we were not expecting.’

And, fortunately for those in South Africa, there are rumours building that Wendy’s is potentially interested in taking up permanent residence within the country in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future.


Why Collab?

Considering the incredible rise of Twitch over just the last couple of years, it is likely that Wendy’s has recognised the sheer size and significance of the gaming community, and recognises an opportunity to capitalise on it.

Every day, millions of players across the globe are exploring online casino South Africa at, downloading new Triple-A titles onto console and PC, and investing countless hours into a whole host of mobile gaming apps during their day to day movements. The world of gaming is thriving, and represents a market as diverse and sizable as fans of the movie industry, or sporting world.


These collaborations have brought in plenty of opportunities in the past. For instance, earlier this year, ice cream producer Ben and Jerrys released a few new ice cream flavours in partnership with Netflix. The peanut butter, pretzel and brownie-inspired pint, for instance, has been aptly named Netflix and Chilled, and summarises the changing landscape for brands looking to make an impression on the widest possible markets. By forming collaborations that bear a close resemblance to the way we live our lives – ice cream and movies, or fast food and video games – brands can be sure of finding interest.

It may be cynical, but it is far more entertaining than a standalone commercial for fast food.

 What Have They Done?

Rather than doing the obvious, and releasing a fast-food-delivery-service inspired mobile game that would likely capture our attention for a few hours, the three disparate industry leaders have instead formulated a menu that, in their eyes, is perfectly targeted toward the gamers of the world.

Inspired by a number of top twitch streamers, each menu option will offer plenty of opportunities to win big prizes from Wendy’s and Uber Eats over the course of a week.

While opportunities to win big prizes from fast food orders are nothing new – front runners like Nando’s, McDonalds, Burger King and KFC have been doing it for years – this new offering does signal a new direction for each of the parties involved.

The video games industry has grown remarkably over the last few years in particular. While, once, it may have been considered a smaller niche under the umbrella of the entertainment world, it is now a worthy rival to the movie and music industry and, in many ways, a current champion. As developers work to ensure that the titles on offer are growing increasingly diverse, and able to cater to a larger and more varied audience, we can be sure that a growing list of companies will recognise the benefits of collaborating with the leading voices in this industry. It represents one of the best ways of tapping into a massive, global audience of fans.