The Grind Radio: Streaming Online, Broadcasting From P-Town

It started as a small Internet radio station broadcasting out of a shed in Aandklas Hatfield’s backyard. It soon grew into a popular addition to the soundtrack of the capital, and many other places for that matter.

The Grind Radio, with its alternative and all-about-the-music approach, has made its mark in Pretoria and on the country’s general radio landscape. Their success is also due to the growing popularity and the development of the online radio platform.

The Grind was launched by a small group of keen and passionate individuals who have all spent significant parts of their careers working in media and marketing. At the kick-off, they set up their small modest booth in the back bar of Aandklas in Hatfield for broadcasting and showing off their eclectic shows and DJs. After its tenure there, The Grind Radio moved twice, in quick succession, to its first officially appointed and built home at Arcade Empire in Equestria, and then to its current home base at Open Window Institute in Centurion. The studio space is larger, and the opportunities for growth have widened.

Their programming primarily consists of several broad and easy-going shows featuring Christo ‘Baas’ de Beer’s Friday Funstart, Belinda Donnelly’s Thunderday Thrills, DJ Horseblood’s Sangoma Sessions, Gugu Madlabane’s Fan Girl Sessions and Fondling Flip Flop Fridays, Henno Kruger’s Drop It Like It Rocks and Katja Swartkat’s Swartkat Sessions. The music featured on the station ranges across all rock subgenres, metal, indie and all other alternative genres. The station has full programming on weekdays from 09:00 to 21:00. During the other hours of the day, it plays music randomly selected from its extensive library at the studio.

Several friends and I have presented our own shows on The Grind Radio. Mine was called The Cinephile Sermon. It featured source music from film and television. I provided news, reviews, and history related to all things TV and film. The show was discontinued due to other obligations, but it certainly made for some of the best times I’ve had.

The owners branched out by opening The Grind’s variety of a bar and restaurant, The Grind Bar & Eatery, on the developing ‘Strip’ in Lynnwood Road, as it’s affectionately known. The aim was for it to function as a live music venue and the all-round locale for good times. However, due to certain legal troubles and discrepancies in the bureaucratic system, they’ve had to close their doors in the meantime. We look forward to them being up and running again soon, bringing us that trusty brand of good music and fun-filled coolness. Stay tuned.

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by David C. Steyn