The Maslow Time Square Hotel’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Shawn Greyling spends the weekend at the Maslow Hotel and delves into the site's psyche... so to speak.
Maslow Time Square Hotel
Photo: Supplied, Sun International

Modeled after psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs, the Maslow Time Square Hotel stands 17 stories tall and stuffed with 238 rooms. The building can be seen from Lynnwood Park. From the top of the hotel, on a good day and with the right set of eyes, you can see all the way to Midrand  and Cullinan.


Dining at The Maslow Time Square is uncomplicated, relaxing and above all else, delicious. The
hotel’s Tatso, which means “taste” in Sesotho, is where guests can enjoy a generous buffet
featuring a diverse selection of dishes influenced by different cuisines. The hotel’s Lounge Bar
offers a fusion of cosmopolitan energy and feel-good cuisine.

Time Square itself is fit with A-class restaurants and bars above and beyond those found on the casino floor (which boasts 8 500 seats). If you’re into bistro food times ten head over to Guy Fieri’s Kitchen + Bar or if you’re in the mood for soulful food put together by J Something of Mi Casa, pop into Something’s Cooking By J.


The hotel is packed with state-of- the-art facilities and technology that will need visitors’ needs, such as Smart TV’s that act as a portal not only to the internet but as connectivity to the hotel itself. A unique concept, The Maslow Time Square Hotel offers multi-level accommodation options all under one roof:

The Foundation Level, (3-star) offers a full range of amenities that exceed basic accommodation
needs, is designed to deliver good quality service, design and physical attributes to meet guest

The Median Level, (4-star) presents a deluxe experience, with a wider range of facilities and superior design qualities that meet the needs of discerning guests. On the Median Level, guests have access to a
well equipped, modern gym, The Maslow Hotel pool and a conference centre.

The Zenith Level (5-star), propounds an exceptional range of facilities and premier services that are not only comprehensive, but also highly presonalised, prudently crafted to provide the most exclusive
experience. At the pinnacle of the high rise hotel, the Zenith Level features butler service, a fully
stocked mini bar, the Luminary Lounge, the Solis Bar and infinity pool, and conferencing

Social Belonging

The hotel provides an environment where guests have everything they need – facilities,
technology and intelligence – at their fingertips. The rooms are kitted out to the nines with flat screen TVs, high speed internet, and a mini fridge stocked with beer and soft drinks, dried apricots and biltong, and a menu telling you just how much you will be spending on all of these items. The rooms are spacious and beds comfortable. When it comes to the bathroom, you’re in for a treat. The shower pressure is on point and each room comes stocked with as many hand and bath towels as two people can use in a day. The decor and design is on point with what goes on in the lobby and halls. Even the most picky “working professional” that the Maslow Time Square Hotel caters for will be satisfied. Creature comforts coupled with the latest tech can be ticked off the list for sure.


The  Maslow Time Square Hotel’s unique selling points is its view (whether it be from the ground or top floor). On the 15th floor you will find a poolside bar which serves canapes and burgers, sparkling water and prosecco. When Abraham Maslow wrote about esteem, I am convinced that it had something to do with sitting on top of the world armed with a flute filled with bubbly watching the sun set over the southern tip of Africa. The clear-blue infinity pool flows flawlessly into the horizon (adding to Dr. J. Wallace‘s Blue Mind Theory, which claims that the colour blue has a calming quality).


It’s not all work and no play at the Maslow Time Square as the  business lounge and 13 bespoke conference rooms are linked to a restaurant and bar by a spiral staircase.  At The Maslow Time Square, every meeting and conference room is designed to foster success. The rooms are conducive to productive workshops, strategic thinking, effective team building and well-deserved relaxation, while offering a 360° of  Menlyn Maine and surrounds. Boasting spacious facilities, the array of meeting rooms can accommodate events large or small and blinds can be drawn to allow for privacy .

For more information visit the Maslow Time Square online.

By Shawn Greyling