The Pretoria Nightlife

Fancy a night out on the town? In a city filled with restaurants, pubs and open spaces in abundance, Pretoria night clubs are not lagging behind. From a list copiously dotted with dance venues of all hues, here are a few that regularly make people smile.

Madison Avenue

Bringing “sexy” and “class” into a single venue, attitude and experience, Madison Avenue is the offspring of the same people who spawned Tiger Tiger. A great venue for bookings too, there’s table service and safe parking to allow you to really feel at home. Awesome video and light shows always accompany party evenings here.

The Jolly Roger

Synonymous with tons of fun in both Pretoria and Jo’burg, The Jolly Roger is a rocking venue in the old club tradition. Friendly, often busy, and a wholesale dance and jol, this is a favourite Hatfield dance venue of students and working adults alike.


Another rollicking venue just off Lynnwood road, Presley’s has built a reputation along the lines of good music, good times and great jolling. A venue to really let your hair down, the vibe is welcoming and eclectic, with a wide variety of people accommodated by steady music and great ambiance. Ideal for group outings, all comers will find a spot to sit and soak up the vibe or space on the dance floors to shake their stuff. Open Thursdays to Saturdays, there’s a regular ladies night and an oldies night, as well as regular shows that cater for diverse tastes.


Yes, here we sokkie, but if that’s not your thing, hang in there. After the langarm brigade has had their fill, late night Weiveld transforms into a typical dance floor vibe where singles and couples, young and old can burn it on the dance floor and have a classic jol until the wee hours. Both a live performance and dance venue, here the vibe is unpretentious and simply dedicated to good fun.

Rafters Pub & Grill

For more of a bar feel, visit Rafters. It has a similar vibe to Weiveld, but don’t let that fool you. A variety of artists perform there, from Chunda Munki to Early B. Rafters allows you to get scrumptious burgers and baskets to fill you up for a night of dancing.

Do you know of any other clubs not mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section below!