The Recovery Centre at White River – Dynamic Therapy at an Affordable Price

The Recovery Centre at White River emerged in 2016, as one of the leading long-term treatment centres right from the start.  It was created as a result of decades of experience in order to provide top quality treatment at cost-effective prices, a large portion of which is covered by medical aid.

White River Recovery Centre

Few of the long-term rehabs in South Africa are able to provide the same level of therapy as the Recovery Centre hosts intensive therapeutic groups on a daily basis, presented by qualified and experienced addiction counsellors.  The groups provide a platform for teaching as well as sharing in a supportive therapeutic context, with a variety of group dynamics available.  A combination of techniques are utilised including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Narrative and Trauma Therapy and a Person-Centred Approach.

Set in the beautiful surroundings of White River, close to the Kruger National Park, the vast property boasts access to the White River with stunning nature trails. Clients are able to participate in a variety of sport and exercise options, including self-defense, kick-boxing, Pilates classes, volleyball, jogging, hiking or mountain-biking and are able to cool off with a refreshing swim in the sparkling pool. At the Recovery Centre, they believe in a holistic approach, incorporating body, mind and soul, and thus recovery is addressed on all three levels. All medical needs are taken care of by their professional team, and they work closely with a variety of consultant doctors and medical specialists.

Their Treatment Plans

Individualised treatment is at the core, and every client is assessed in order to determine a personalised treatment plan.

The baseline programme includes: one assessment session with a Psychiatrist / Medical Practitioner; one weekly session with a Social Worker / Addiction Therapist; one weekly session with a 12 Step facilitator; sessions with Spiritual Advisor when requested; all group work sessions; all creative skills development programmes; and all stepwork literature, as well as initial admission and discharge drug testing, and in-house medical checks.

The therapeutic programme can be intensified through additional services available that include psychiatric or medical consultations and medication, clinical psychology, sexual addiction programme, music therapy, specialised trauma counselling, physiotherapy and an Aftercare Specialist.

The creative skills development programme incorporates a variety of options, from creating innovative room dividers, to woodwork skills with planter boxes, picture-framing, swinging chairs, welding, planting and landscaping activities and even to fun projects making wooden aeroplanes.  There is satisfaction and self-respect that develops through completion of tasks, and they ensure that these are practical and have a purpose. Creative mindfulness takes place in groups that include a wide range of artistic endeavours from pottery to mosaic, sewing, embroidery, macrame, fabric painting, design and cutting stencils, using natural materials in artistic ways, cooking techniques, baking and professional icing skills, and even the design of a personal life logo.

Accommodation options vary from dormitory to double rooms, and clients are expected to participate in basic house-keeping to solidify routine and self-discipline, which are often lost in addiction. The community is close and provides an environment to heal and restore, in a supportive therapeutic context which also promotes growth and change. Read more about luxury recovery centres.

Weekends and evenings are relaxing but incorporate innovative team-building ideas, step work time and optional church services.  For those who need it, occasional spa services are on offer to promote self-care.  They aim to provide exceptional professional services and staff members are on duty over weekends and in the evenings to ensure continuation of programme activities. T

he programme advocates the development of healthy coping skills like asking for help, mindfulness, journalling, spirituality, distress tolerance skills and daily quiet times, as they know that recovery is a journey and there is more to it than simply stopping substances.  One needs to create a life worth living and to replace unhealthy toxic behaviours in order to achieve one’s full potential.  Acceptance and change are vital aspects, along with accountability and honesty, and it is essential to incorporate recovery principles into a sustainable lifestyle.

For More Information

Feel free to contact their helpful admissions office on 082 870 5014 for further discussion or an information pack.

To change your life and fulfill your potential, take advantage of the current unbelievable discount rate of R9 000 per month inclusive of VAT, and covered by most medical aids!

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