The Top Ice Cream Spots In Pretoria

Let's face it, we all have those days when we crave delicious ice cream. And, to help you find the best of this frozen treat, we made a list of the best ice cream spots in Pretoria.

Aroma Gelato And Waffle Lounge

Aroma Gourmet Coffee Roastery is famous for, as their name suggests, their coffee. But this establishment has a division called Aroma Gelato and Waffle lounge. Since 2012, this little spot has become a cherished gem within Hatfield and the eastern suburbs of Pretoria. Infused with the heart and passion found in Italian culture, Aroma churns to bring you a taste of creamy Italian-style gelatos. Their gelatos are prepared by artisans, and done so in-house, showcasing their artistry by creating the smoothest texture while creating intense bursts of flavour with each bite. Their flavour selection spans over more than fifty tasty and unique flavours, ranging from classic Vanilla to Salted Butter Caramel and even New York Cheesecake.

Aroma has been able to create close to a hundred different flavours, that are both water- and milk-based. For those who can’t indulge in their normal range of flavours, Aroma offers a selection for both vegans and diabetics. Along with their delicious gourmet scoops, Aroma offers designer milkshakes as well as Belgian waffles.

Aroma Gelato and Waffle Lounge can be found at 255 Lynnwood Rd, Brooklyn, Pretoria and 4 Graham Road, Shere, Pretoria.

Royal Danish Ice Cream

Based on a traditional Danish ice cream recipe, Royal Danish produces their ice cream using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Interestingly enough, none of their ice cream contain eggs. Not only is their ice cream freshly made, their wafer cones are also home-made. With an assortment of 30 different flavours, it would take quite some time to taste them all, since only 10 flavours are on display per day – five of which are constant and five change daily. It’s no surprise the Royal Copenhagen is their top seller, with their other four regular flavours being Royal Vanilla, Royal Butter Pecan, Royal Chocolate and Royal Mocha Almond Fudge.

Their homemade caramel and chocolate sauces are delectable – as rich and smooth as the ice cream itself. They’re generous with the sauce as well as the scoops. Besides their regular ice cream offerings, Royal Danish also offers dairy-free options, beverages, as well as baked desserts and waffles.

Royal Danish is situated at 198 Bernard Street, Colbyn, Pretoria, 0083.

Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream

This might still be new to many Pretorians, since Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream is more widely known in Joburg. Nevertheless, the brand opened the doors of their first Pretoria store at the end of 2019 in The Grove Mall.

The story of Paul’s began with the brain behind the operation, Paul Ballen, receiving an ice cream machine for his birthday. Starting by creating one litre a day, Paul soon had an ice cream empire. To keep up with the popularity of his ice cream, Paul had to upgrade his machines to churn a litre an hour instead of per day. It was in 2014 that the first large order for Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream was received, and from there, the business only continued to grow.

Some of the flavours include Birthday Cake; Chocolate, Nutella and Oreo; Salted Caramel; Dark Chocolate and Vietnamese Coffee.

Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream is situated at The Grove mall, Corner of Lynnwood & Simon Vermooten roads, Equestria, Pretoria.

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