Top Comedy Joints In Pretoria

Pretoria isn’t short of venues that offer laughter yoga for the common man, and the comedy circuit has become mainstream in modern South Africa. If you fancy a lekker lag of an evening, or several, check out these venues first.

Comedy & Festival

Die Blou Hond

A Casa Toscana venture, Die Blou Hond is a restaurant theatre that often boasts a very worthwhile lineup. Shows typically commence around 9.00pm, after a buffet supper, drinks or snacks.
Don’t be fooled into thinking this is soft comedy for tannies, as the rather bespoke setting simply enhances whatever hilarity is issuing from the stage. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re up for a laugh – check out their lineup to know what’s pending and trending.

Comedy Society

Situated in Edmund Street in town, this maverick and avant garde jesters’ collective is growing in popularity, for good reason. A veritable feast of comedians have played there, and will play there and the venue is about all things comedy.

A venue for you to catch the up and coming talent first, it’s probably most similar to Parker’s Comedy and Jive in Johannesburg, at least in terms of attitude. Best to phone and confirm the pending lineup The club can be reached on 083 348 0989.

Pretoria State Theatre

Don’t laugh, or rather do laugh, as the State Theatre ran the Comedy Jam during May 2018. This venue really has shaken off its formerly quite dour reputation as a “serious” venue. The institution has become a regular contributing host to comedy shows and numerous stand-up comedians have passed through its doors.

Still hosting the Tshwane Comedy Nights Pretorians are becoming so fond of, watch this theatre’s schedule for regular good fare and occasional gems. Affording both novice and seasoned comedians a platform, the State Theatre seldom disappoints.

Credit: Gallo Images

Atterbury Theatre

Another Pretoria theatre becoming known for a string of comedians splitting sides in town, Atterbury Theatre has consistent comedic fare. Probably most recently known for enabling Thapelo Tips’ one man show, the theatre also enables his Tips & Friends Comedy Nites.

Feeding a mixed ensemble of local comedians through the theatre’s doors, Tips shares this spotlight with such names as those of top female comedians Lindzy Msimang and Tumi Morake. Ndumiso Lindi, Franco, and Schalk Bezuidenhout’s “Lewendig” have all brightened up the stage.