Top Nurseries In Pretoria

Pretoria is spoilt for choice when it comes to garden shopping. Apart from every Builders Warehouse and other box stores featuring plants right next to all possible outdoor hardware requirements, the dedicated plant nurseries of Pretoria are also on the ball. Spring’s a-coming, and already the earth seems like it wants to shake off the last winter chill.

Summer annuals and veggies, as well as new rose and fruit tree stock items are already crowding packing benches at most outlets. If the outdoors speaks to you, make yours wonderful by visiting any one of these top Pretoria nurseries.

Safari Garden Center

Let’s start with what, for many, is the ultimate nursery destination in Pretoria – Safari Garden Center on Lynnwood Road. A full-house of all things outdoor, here you’ll find a giant range of plants as well as a formidable hardware and hard landscaping requisites range. Ideal for those who don’t want to scratch, at Safari you can be pretty sure that if it’s available as a plant or irrigation or landscaping item, they’ll have it.

Monavoni Nursery

This nursery has been around for years, and offers great value for money and a sizeable range. More amenable to sourcing plants that are perhaps not on the shop floor at the time, Monavoni is a good old fashioned, caring outlet.

Montana Garden & Pet

If your outdoors is populated with animals, Monatana Garden & Pet might just be your ideal nursery. Geared for plant and animal lovers, here you’ll also find koi fish and everything you need to keep them happy and healthy. Offering a range of outdoor gifts and decor, the venue is well worth spending a few hours in to really lock down any outdoor effect you might be after.

Garden Pavilion

The Garden Pavilion group is an umbrella body, almost like a franchiser, that many nurseries in South Africa have joined. Wherever you see the name “Garden Pavilion,” you can know there is a certain baseline offering inside, sure to please most gardeners. You’ll find a Garden Pavilion in Waterkloof and their range is always up to date, while they try to cater for most soft and hard landscaping supplies. For the record, Montana Garden & Pet, above, is a Garden Pavilion nursery too.

Flora RSA

Kom ons trek… towards Pretoria North and De Wildt Cheetah Center. Out there in the hills and mountains, the former Patryshoek Kwekery has morphed into Flora RSA. As the name implies, they’re exclusively indigenous growers, but always maintain a huge stock holding and have some hard landscaping supplies too.

Really geared up for the South African plant enthusiast, this is a great nursery to shop at for bulk landscaping items, including indigenous trees and loads of succulents too. Previously well known for their cycad growing, cycads still feature on the shop floor today. Owner Koos’ son, Michael, is now very much the go-to for landscaping and irrigation advice.


All of the Plantland nurseries around Gauteng were previously the retail outlets of Malanseuns, the biggest wholesale ornamental plant nursery in the southern hemisphere. Although there seems to be looser association between the parent and it’s many offspring nowadays, one can expect a good range of plant material, including fruit and rose trees, at any Plantland.

If it’s really the latest hybrids or the newest outdoor gadget you’re after, Plantland in Menlyn is likely to be ready with those goodies on offer ahead of the competition. There’s a Plantland in The Wilds too, along Atterbury Road towards Olympus.

Exclusive Cycads

Before we leave the topic of broodbome, if cycads really rock your boat, you can always visit Exclusive Cycads in Montana to pick up a few choice specimens. Stunning gardens and a large range of lovely cycads await you. This venue is worth a visit, even just to soak up the ambiance of seeing landscaped gardens with mature cycads all over the place.

Die Tuinhoekie

It might sound quaint, being called a “hoekie,” but this nursery is large and boasts a careful mix of plants and associated containers, decor and paraphernalia. Situated in Villieria, Die Tuinhoekie is like a big box nursery, but with far more charm and gardening feel.

Pretoria is literally littered with nurseries, large and small. Generally speaking, the cheaper the pricing structure, the more limited stock will be. For some, R3 & R5 Nursery in Lynnwood is exactly what they’re looking for. Others want the top-to-bottom experience of Safari or a Plantland.

For general hunters who are undecided about what exactly they’re after, the nursery epicenter of Pretoria is still along Lynnwood Road. You’ll find Gerbera Galore on Lynnwood Manor, and Fernhaven Tree Fern Nursery further along Lynnwood Road towards the Action Netball arena. Other Pretoria nurseries well worth a visit are E S De Kock Kwekery in Montana again, as well as Zambesi Daylily Gardens.