Top Vegetarian Burgers In Pretoria

If like most of our office, you think “Yeeeeuuugh!” when contemplating veggie burgers, it gives us no end of pleasure to shed new light on that state of affairs. Not only has the nutrition in vegan and vegetarian “meat” products been rising, a veggie burger patty’s format or constitution is nowadays hugely improved too.

It might surprise you to know that both lesser-known outlets as well as the big names are serving vegan and vegetarian burgers. You owe it to yourself to give the whole “plant burger” thing a taste test at any of these venues:

Hudsons The Burger Joint

We have to start with this crowd, as not only do they offer five different vegan burgers, they also offer three vegan pizzas and a smattering of other vegan dishes, too. The folk at Hudsons are making a meal out of vegan burgers, literally, and it’s a great venue for first-timers. Go where you know they’ve gone far down that road, and see what you think!
This venue in The Club Center in Hazelwood also does half-price Mondays on all vegan dishes – something to note for future reference.

Village Ridge Boutique Hotel

For really dedicated vegan dining, including burgers, this venue shines. The Village Ridge is not mucking about when it comes to the cuisine on offer, and that includes their vegan menu. A bonus venue if you feel like stretching lunch into the evening, as an onsite spa and other amenities all set in lovely landscaped gardens makes for a great few hours of indulgence. Set amid luscious landscaped gardens, the Village Ridge Hotel offers a dedicated selection of standard menu items with an emphasis on healthy, organic cuisine, and all dishes are vegetarian.


This Centurion Mall and all-over outlet has a vegetarian burger for those so inclined. Mochachos is renowned for their grub, and the veggie burger doesn’t disappoint either. Another great venue for those who want to sample something new, Mochachos is a good place to wet your feet when it comes to vegetarian burgers, if not positively vegan ones.
For the record, vegans typically eat nothing of or from an animal, whereas vegetarians won’t eat animals, but are cool with eating products from animals – think dairy, eggs and honey. A small but important difference.

Capital Craft Beer Academy

Hugely popular for a wide variety of reasons, Capital Craft in Menlopark is pretty jacked when it comes to veggie burgers. Their mushroom burger is, well, a giant mushroom as opposed to a patty, smothered in cheese and sauces. The other “beyond” option (as in beyond traditional hamburger patties) is a chickpea patty, also super yummy.
For those wanting to put a vegan meal together, they can produce the goods! They can deliver a vegan burger and chips, at least. Right down to the chip spice, everything is vegan with their French fries – another good reason om hier te kuier sometime.


There are two Cowfish outlets, one in Hazelwood and one in Jozi. The venue has a vegetarian burger, but it can also become a vegan one, as you can ask for any sauce possibly tainted with animal products to be left off your burger. In spite of such unseemly down-dressing, their veggie burger is very lekker and goes far enough to become a legitimate substitute for traditional fare.

The Village DeVine

A brave approach to function catering, this outfit features tons of vegan food, prepared from scratch and dispatched with love. Although The Village DeVine has no retail outlet, if vegan is coming up in your consciousness, you might want to buzz them for your next catered event. A “100 percent vegan” offering, they bill themselves “a slow food initiative” and, quite frankly, it’s worth the wait.

There are great veggie burger options around Pretoria. If vegan and vegetarian burgers are your thing, start inquiring, and you’ll soon realise outlets are slowly catching up with consumer demand.