What You Need To Know About Travelling With The Kids

Travelling with kids can be a mission. But it doesn't have to be. Here are our tips for safe travels with the little ones.



If you plan to travel abroad, you’ll need to get a passport for the little ones. If your child is still an infant, you’ll also need an unabridged birth certificate.

Most airlines advise only flying with babies over a month old. But if you’re left with no choice but to fly with a younger baby, be sure to bring along a fit to fly certificate from your paediatrician.

Travelling with The Kids

Be Prepared

While packing, it is important to pack all the essentials, as well as prepare for any occasion or weather condition. Remember to include everything your kids need on a day to day basis and plenty of extra clothes.

Travelling with The Kids

The Right Wheels

The Big Car

When renting a car for your holiday, make sure you have a car seat for the little ones. Their safety is always the most important thing.

The Small Car

Most airlines will allow you to bring a collapsible stroller on board for no extra charge. Check if your airline is okay with the weight of your stroller.

Do you have any other tips for travelling with the little ones? Let us know in the comments section below!