Getting The Ultimate Urban Cool Kid Look

Want to unravel your inner cool kid? Then check out these urban-inspired stores to start building your look.
Photo By Shesha


Shesha is a favourite for many and boasts amazing apparel, like jackets, socks, hats and so much more.
The store offers unique apparel, such as the transformer jacket. This is a reversible jacket that was inspired by Transformers. But, this store is a must-visit for sneakers. Shesha has everything you need to take care of your sneakers. Inspired by basketball and hip hop, Shesha is your go-to for urban footwear.


Relay Jeans is well-known for their wide range of denim items and high quality products.

Here, you will be able to find jeans, shirts, bucket hats and dungarees, just to name a few. Their denim designs are a work of craftsmanship that is unique to the brand.

Relay Jeans is the best place to find trendy staple items to build your look.


Caps and Hats

Finish off your look with some cool head gear. Sportscene is one of the best spots to find sought after caps and hats.

Most urban street culture looks are inspired by sports and sneaker brands, such as VANS. Sportscene stocks a wide range of accessories by these brands for you to explore.

Tell us what items we missed and what your ideal urban trendy look is in the comments section below!