What To Do In Pretoria When It’s Cold

What to do then, when all is wet and gloomy? Well, the good news is that Pretoria is pretty jacked when it comes to prompt deliveries of yummy takeaways in good weather or bad, and in terms of indoor activities for those times when the cold front just won’t stop. Indoor Fun In A Gloomy […]

What to do then, when all is wet and gloomy? Well, the good news is that Pretoria is pretty jacked when it comes to prompt deliveries of yummy takeaways in good weather or bad, and in terms of indoor activities for those times when the cold front just won’t stop.

Indoor Fun In A Gloomy Pretoria

Were you planning on some rugged activity, only to be frozen out by the weather? Well, if hitting the gym again feels boring and yet you’re at a loss for some (dry) physical activity, hitting the Climbing Barn as a novice or regular might be just the thing. Located in Mooiplaats, the Barn is a great place to kill a few indoor hours. Gear is available for hire and rates are cheap. This is the perfect place to apply your fitness differently, and you can climb in a leisurely way through a few routes or pump up with a couple of timed routes of varying difficulty.

If you’re close to The Grove Mall and wonder if your legs still remember being 11 years old, go ice skating and recapture a bit of your childhood! Ice skating is one of those things we seldom do regularly unless we’re enthusiasts, so it’s always refreshing and fun to climb back on the ice after a few years’ absence. The ice rink will set up all newcomers, and a few hours witnessing the slow return of your balance never fails to raise a few laughs among friends. Take a jacket as it can get chilly on the ice.

And now for tenpin bowling. The great thing about it is that you can completely suck at it but still have a good time! The Fun Company has mini-golf and bumper cars too, but probably the best casual fun to be had on their Menlyn premises is finding out just how difficult it is to roll that damn ball straight down the lane! Tenpin bowling provides hours of mirth for young and old alike, and the day can be as competitive or casual as you like.

It’s easy to forget that there are some mind-blowing visual experiences to be had out there, what with all the tech gadgetry we all have nowadays. A lazy trip to the IMAX cinema at Grove Mall will remind you why Ster Kinekor and others are still very much in business. The effects are next-level and IMAX remains an inspiring experience. Any one of those soggy, wet Pretoria days can be a great excuse to catch some entertainment on the really big screen. Hollywood or Bollywood, it’s all a journey when you’re in an IMAX theatre.

Coffee shops abound in Pretoria, and any Google search will highlight dozens of opinions and lists of favourites. Very much a sidewalk café/coffee paradise, Pretoria doesn’t abide lousy coffee and is a city given to hunkering down with good brew and cake on a cold day. The 012 offers so much in terms of home-made and good store confectionery, as well as exemplary coffee brewing. For many residents, heading for the coffee shop when the clouds come over is nothing but logical. Make sure your phone or tablet is charged, and go sit and slurp and enjoy being out and about while staying dry.

 In the same vein — and often something to tie into that local coffee shop stop — is visiting an art gallery when the weather is dismal. Get arty and take in an exhibition — Pretoria has an extensive annual agenda of exhibitions and other displays. Art is not just surviving in the city but thriving. Pretoria has become something of a national trendsetter for its avid display and consumption of artwork. Even if it’s not your usual thing, those unrelenting cold days can be just the excuse to pop contemporary art appreciation on your agenda.

Quick Deliveries For Cold Day Rumbling Tummies

Does the cold inspire you to get stuck into some low-key housework or preferably, some loafing? Well, then you might want to keep these details handy when your tummy starts grumbling and the chills just won’t stop.

Geet Indian Restaurant has a menu and delivery service that is yummy and quick. There’s nothing like a good curry on a miserable chilly day. Get your own booze over the road, however, as adding a bottle of wine to your order can double the bill! They’ll do platters and filling the boot with food is all too easy when the weather is cold, and fresh curry and crispy poppadoms loom large!

There are a couple of Kung Fu Kitchen outlets dotted around Pretoria, and the food is always quick, hot and super cheap. Freezing days tend to bring out the worst in delivery times and incidents for any chain, but this remains one of your easiest tummy-fillers on a winter’s day.

If you’re more into a healthy shot in the arm, Kauai in Hatfield might be your best bet. Making a meal out of healthy fusion eating, Kauai’s food is far easier to enjoy than the name is to pronounce. You might have to sift through a few delivery options to get your grub rolling. If a short trip out and about in summer drizzle seems like just the right amount of activity before curling up back at home, you might consider the fastest route to getting their yummy cuisine in your face — pop in and collect.

There’s something about Nando’s and cold weather… Although the chain has long ago left the realm of cheap takeaways, you might consider spoiling yourself with some peri-peri chicken. With just enough spice and more than enough taste, Nando’s seldom fails to satisfy, and their chilli bite can be just the thing for a grey afternoon.

As the only country in the world where ‘takeaway’ means pizza and not Chinese, we have to list the persistent Domino’s Pizza in Faerie Glen as a great chilly day option. If pizza is a no-brainer and speed is of the essence, you’d do well to load up on enough pizza here for lunch and supper. Geared for prompt, fresh deliveries, this former start-up wannabe in the realm of takeaway South African pizzas has been consistently yummy and quick — two essentials on any grey day.