What’s Wood & Fire All About

Fire meets wood meets Japanese cooking techniques. You won't believe who's behind the latest (and sexiest) fusion restaurant in Pretoria.

In-house cured and smoked bacon, steamed buns and tappas. That’s only scratching the surface of what Wood & Fire in Brooklyn is all about. But wait, the deal gets a whole lot sweeter.

Let’s take a trip to Ferreirasdorp in Johannesburg – a stone throw away from the centre of the city of gold. Urbanologi is an international award-winning restaurant started by young chef Angelo Scirroco. Now, if you follow the local culinary scene, you will know that Angelo recently came back from a trip to Japan where he conducted a tonne of research for his new secret project.

Well, that secret project turned out to be… yup, you guessed it! Wood & Fire.

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Wood & Fire represents itself as a cafe dressed in the most elegant of work wear. The menu is a mixture of local flair styled in Tokyo-sophistication. You can indulge in items such as spanspek (cantaloupe), basil and haloumi, beef and wasabi open sandwiches, dry aged prime cuts (aged 6 weeks+), teriyaki steamed buns, and an assortment of interesting salads.

The dessert menu reads like a dirty poem: Chocolate Cremeux, Hazelnut & Banana Ice cream, Apple Tarte Tatin, caramel, Vanilla bean ice cream, Baked Cardamom cheese cake and Orange glaze… all made with real butter.

The cocktail menu is just as delicate and decadent:

  • Monkey’s Milk – Vodka, Nachtmusik, Kahlua, Espresso, Amarula
  • Passion Mojito – Passion Fruit, Bacardi
  • Bronx – Gin, Orange Juice, Martini Rosso, Dry Martini
  • Singapore – Triple Sec, Pineapple juice, Lime Juice, Granadilla, Cherry Liqueur, Gin, Bitters
  • Chinese Cosmo – Cherry, Shao Xing, Cherry Vodka, Orange Juice

All in all, Wood & Fire is a rockingly beautiful restaurant that you absolutely have to visit – even if it’s just once. Quick tip: it’s a great spot for a first date – your date will be beyond impressed.

By Shawn Greyling