Where To Dine This September

Not too sure where to dine this month? No worries, we’ve done all the taste testing so you won’t have to! From bistro to fine dining, we've got you covered.

El Pistolero

Returning to Mexican food, El Pistolero in Constantia Park is another quietly superb venue for drinking and nibbling or full-blown chow-downs. An upmarket restaurant with great service, the food might be more aesthetically rendered on your plate in a manner unseen in relaxed pubs, but it remains genuine Mexican grub. It’s easy to feast here, and always worth trying a smattering of dishes.

Culture Club

The sizeable menu consists of a delectable selection of dips, spreads, nibbles, salads, vegetables, mixed plates, share boards and sweets. Culture Club highlights include the roasted red pepper & feta dip served with warmed pita bread, the brandy infused chicken liver pate with caramelised onion, the chorizo pesto lollipops, the chimichurri coleslaw and the bobotie arancini balls with chutney & curry aioli. There are also plates featuring the seasonal ceviche, fillet steak melanzane, Thai grilled squid and the always trusty choices like trinchado, chicken livers, skewers and kebabs or wraps.

A’la Turka Restaurant

Bringing the desert oasis to Irene, A’la Turka Restaurant is an absolute must! The restaurant offers a more genuine dining experience than anywhere else close to the capital city. It features several private and authentically Turkish dining rooms, and an exclusive dance studio that offers training in belly dancing, Latin and hip hop styles. The locale has a selection of set menus reserved for bookings, but the tremendously refined a la carte bill of food presents epicures with a delectable assortment of bona fide Turkish, Greek and Lebanese dishes.

Casa Bourguesa

Casa Bourguesa Tapas & Grill is located in Faeriedale Centre strip mall, down Cliffendale Drive, a stone’s throw from Atterbury. The menu features some of the most traditional South African, Greek and Portuguese favourites, but most importantly, it offers dishes that should be on the treasured side of any self-respecting foodie’s palate. The a la carte also features a wide selection of tapas, salads, breads & dips, steaks, pizzas, schnitzels, pastas, vegetable dishes and fish or seafood dishes, in addition to its classic offerings.

Yamazaki Sushi Restaurant

With some pretty awesome online reviews, Yamakazi has made its mark on Pretorians, who frequently count it as one of the best restaurants for sushi. With above-average service and some honestly stunning cuisine, patrons occasionally quibble about whether the sushi is “westernised” enough. Heads up! This is a hallmark of great sushi abroad, like, outside of Japan. When locals start debating the more subtle nuances of the sushi, you must know it’s top drawer fare. For the record, there seems nothing missing on their offering to local diners and, even if your favourite mock-sushi that you normally get from the Spar down the road isn’t on the menu, go Japanese man! It’s a great restaurant to glean an international opinion on sushi.


This is an exceptionally warm café that serves a gourmet home-style proudly South African menu. The eatery has become a local favourite, and is known to be vastly accommodating towards dietary requirements. The tantalizing dishes could be made to special vegan order on request. Their delicious assortment of menu items has made it a crucial visit for any foodie of any diet. Our top choice are the butternut fritter flirt, tomato tart and braai-broodjies.