Where To Donate Clothes in Pretoria

Winter is upon us, and if your wardrobe appears to need a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart, that’s probably going to involve ditching some clothing. It’s a truly rich and magnanimous thing to donate clothing, as it’s an issue so close to human dignity.

When you feel the need to shed some rags, here are venues that will not only simplify positive recycling for you, but also bestow upon you a feelgood that’s hard to beat.

Sungardens Charity Shops

Around 50 percent of Sungardens Hospice’s annual operational revenue is derived of clothing sales and sundry associated trading, so donating here is a real shot in the arm for them. They’ve also established a transparent and simplified coziness in their outlets, and are in fact currently calling for clothing and white elephant donations.

Intrinsic to their fundraising, clothing donations go towards helping these good people affect all of the charity work they do for terminally ill patients each year. They offer sorted vintage clothing items, have a white elephant, craft, coffee and book shop, and are always graciously willing to accept any donations. Note that they’re not open on Sundays or public holidays. They’re also always happy to collect if you’re struggling to get there.

Kids Haven

Ok, Pretoria doesn’t include Benoni – not yet – but if kids tug at your heartstrings, this is the drop-off point for you. Focused on the plight of homeless children, this organisation extends aid throughout the greater Ekurhuleni region.

They’ll accept clothing and other goods and, if the items can’t logically be put directly in the hands of needy kids, they also sell from two shops to generate operating and funding revenue. Around a dozen locals are involved in the sorting and preparing of clothing at Kids Haven too, so Kids Haven is at the coalface of employment creation, and just like most other charities around Pretoria, they’ll collect goods if you can’t make it there.

The Tshwane SPCA Charity Shop

And if the plight of homeless or otherwise abused animals resonates with you, the SPCA is always looking for clothing and other donations to keep providing their sterling service. The Tshwane SPCA Charity Shop also allows you a one-stop drop, as it’s more varied than simply a clothing outlet. Books, household goods and even furniture are all welcome, and the organisation’s charity shops around the country contribute a significant amount to their annual operational budget.

They’ll accept donations happily all week, as well as from 8am – 12pm on the last Saturday of every month. If you’re donating a log cabin or an ocean-going yacht, and a jersey, call them to confirm before time so that handling and storing can be ready!

Nazareth House Charity Shop

Donations to Nazareth House go straight towards care and sustenance for the Sister Nazareth Home for the Aged in Waterkloof. A remarkable organisation some 150 years old, don’t be intimidated by the fact that the receiving sisters will be Catholic nuns! They make a point of sidelining religious or any other orientation, and are admirably focused on doing good for anyone that needs it and falls within their circle of care.

The Store House

Affiliated with Hatfield Christian Church, this non-profit outlet does a world of good with clothing donations. They also distribute packaged (non-perishable) food to a large number of families in need, so again all donations will find a home.

Formed circa 2000 when those horrific floods hit Mozambique, The Store House works alongside a number of local charities to distribute goods, meeting requests submitted from the community as best they can. Everything is sorted and cleaned before being allocated to specific needs, and this is honest communal giving in its best form.

Vintage, With Love

A different yet totally valid spin on fashion and charity, Vintage, with Love is the product of two savvy ladies who have managed to join charity and fashion together. Hosting a vintage fashion sale and making a fun day of giving where needed, donations can be left at Desray in the Brooklyn Mall, or you can arrange for them to be collected.

A really unique effort that has made a success of putting on a worthwhile show while catering for the community. The organisation is primarily focused on literacy programs, and their broadly giving spirit has become the perfect charity channel for those also enticed by a glam fashion show on the day. The next event will be at the arrivals hall of the Cape Town Cruise Terminal – just in case you’re in the Cape at the time – on 31 May, as well as the 1st and 2nd of June. Spot their website for details of upcoming Pretoria shows, or catch them on Facebook to stay current.