Where To See The Jacarandas In Bloom In Pretoria

There's a reason why Pretoria is called Jacaranda City. The city is filled thousands of vibrant Jacaranda trees that can be found literally everywhere! Planted along the city's streets, parks and gardens, you're bounds to see these purple stunners at some point throughout your day. Whether you're looking to take pictures or simply just want to admire and enjoy the sights, here a few spot to visit in the city and surrounds.


Image by FlowComm via Flickr.com.

Blooming from late September to mid November, Pretoria is covered in a sea of purple! There are almost 70 000 Jacarandas in bloom all over the city during Spring, offering stunning selfie backdrops, breathtaking views and a reminder that a new season has arrived. It’s believed that these trees bring luck to students. Apparently, if Jacaranda blossoms fall onto your head while you’re studying, it means you’ll pass your exams. We wonder if this is true! But, without further ado, here’s where you can find some of the best Jacaranda sights in Pretoria. We’ll even throw in a few extra spots for when you head to Joburg for a quick visit. Enjoy!


Grab your camera and car keys, and take a drive through Brooklyn if you’re looking to enjoy stunning sights of the purple bursts of Jacaranda trees in Pretoria. More specifically, you can enjoy the violet Jacaranda lined streets such as Pienaar Street, Murray Street and Marais Street. and if you make your way to Herbert Baker Street, you’ll find a row of almost 100 white Jacaranda trees, which are just as beautiful as the purple.

Bosman & Cilliers Streets

Why not admire the beauty of some of the oldest Jacaranda trees in Pretoria? Located on Bosman and Cilliers Streets, you’ll find a couple of Pretoria’s first Jacaranda trees that have thrived and grown to magnificent features over the years. Another spot worth visit is the corner of Eastwood and Stanza Bopape (AKA old Church Street), which claims to be the spot of the biggest and oldest Pretoria Jacaranda tree in the city.

Klapperkop Nature Reserve

For panoramic views of Pretoria, offering breathtaking sights of the Jacarandas in full bloom, the Klapperkop Nature Reserve is a must-visit. Not only is this THE place to experience this vibrant and spectacular sight, but the reserve is also a lovely spot to enjoy nature while jogging, cycling and mountain biking. You can also enjoy a free game drive, as they have reintroduced game to reserve, including zebra, blue wildebeest and red hartebeest. Don’t forget to visit Fort Klapperkop, one of Pretoria’s four forts build to protect the then capital of the South African Republic (ZAR), dating back to 1898. The fort has been restored and turned into a museum for visitors to enjoy and explore.

Image from Pxfuel.com.

The Union Buildings

Make a stop at the South African national heritage site of the Union Buildings, take a walk along Government Avenue, east of the buildings, and enjoy the beautiful views of the Jacaranda trees on the property. Located near the historic Church Square and the Voortrekker Monument, the Union buildings offers a lovely and relaxing place to take in the sights of purple Jacaranda. It’s also one of the few destinations in Pretoria that has each pavement double-lined with these stunning trees, offering plenty of shade from the hot African sun.

Image by FlowComm via Flickr.com

Now For Joburg…

If you’re visiting Johannesburg, be sure to visit these spots if you’re looking for more exquisite Jacaranda views! This list of Joburg Jacaranda hot spots will take you all over the city, including Modderfontein, Kensington, Rosebank, Melville and even to the luxurious five-star destination of the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff.

jacaranda JHB

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